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NBHWC Test Prep




6 weeks


About the Course

This course is intended for any one who is prepping for the upcoming certifying exam in October. The course work is all self-paced and includes:

  • 6 20-30 minutes mini lectures , delivered asynchronously. on each section with highlights of the material

  • Downloadable study materials for each section

  • Downloadable "cheat sheets"

  • Live Open Office Hours (OOH) each week

  • Practice exam questions.

Apart from the Open Office Hours, the course doesn't have any other live components.

Here are times and schedules for the OOH that might help you plan ahead. Week 1 - Section 1: Coaching Structure

OOH: Sunday 9/11 @7:00 pm Eastern

Weeks 2 & 3 - Section 2: Coaching Process

OOH: Sunday 9/18 @7:00 pm Eastern

OOH: Sunday 9/25 @7:00 pm Eastern

Weeks 4 & 5 - Section 3: Health & Wellness Information

OOH: Sunday 10/2 @7:00 pm Eastern

Week 6 - Section 4: Ethics & Legal and Wrap Up, Tips and Tricks

OOH: Sunday 10/9 @7:00 pm Eastern Disclaimer: The content of the course is intended to help study and review for the upcoming NBHWC certification exam. The content creators are experienced educators and are certified NBHWC coaches. They have taught and trained hundreds of students and would now like to share their knowledge and expertise with future aspiring coaches. The instructors are former faculty of an approved NBHWC training program. They are not affiliated with the NBHWC.

Your Instructor

Karuna Khera

Hi there...I am your instructor Karuna Khera.
I have worked as a Faculty and Advisor for Noom's NBHWC approved training program and have been the lead for their All things Test prep program.
I have over 6 years of experience in the field of Health & Wellness, Culinary Coaching and as a Faculty trainer.

Karuna Khera
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