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Getting your move on (or.....the insanely busy human's guide to making it work).

Now that you have had time to think about how you can make 10 minutes possibly bring value, let's get started. In case you missed my last post, a few salient points:

  1. While exercise does not burn as many calories as we think, it definitely burns some. Everyone of those little critters counts

  2. Muscle mass burns more calories than fat mass

  3. Cardiovascular movement strengthens your heart and lungs. You will be healthier

  4. Flexibility helps joints function at a broader range. You will feel better

I suggest you schedule each 10 minute session within a time range or triggered by an event (e.g. "I will take 10 minutes between 1:00 and 1:20, OR "I will take 10 minutes as soon as I complete this portion of the data analysis). Accountability is key.

Here are 3 specific 10 minute sets. If you have a floor and a wall (I am going to assume you do), you can do any movement listed.

1. Stretch Sesh

As with all mini sessions, it's important to identify what matters most. When you are sitting all day, your lower back, hips and legs need the most attention.

Do 2 sets of each stretch.

Start with the hips and legs. Put your hands against the wall, position your feet and press forward with your front leg as far as you can. Make sure to keep the heel of your back foot on the ground.

Next, sit on the floor, put one leg to the side and stretch SLOWLY toward your foot. NO jerking motions. Make sure to breathe deeply through your diaphragm. Switch legs.

One more for the hips:

Now your lower back. Stand up, hands locked behind your back. Stretch up your back, look at the sky (or probably the ceiling) and raise your locked hands as high as you can.

2. Muscle Minutes

Let's do a quick core/abs set!!

Start with push ups!! I hear you "but I can't do push ups!!!" Well, maybe, maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, you can do one. You know the drill............feet behind you, arms in front. Up and down (with your butt flat!!). Did you do one? If not, it's FINE. Modify it and put your knees on the grounds instead of your feet. Could you do one? Yes? SCORE!! (after a few weeks, I PROMISE you will do more!!)

Now abs.........and Russian twists. These also come with a modification and are super effective.

Sit on your butt, knees up, feel off the ground and TWIST! If it's better for you, keep your feet on the ground.

If you want a bit of a challenge, hold a light weight in your hands as you twist.

Now a plank. This is great for your core, and you can hold it just as long as feels right for you, NO pressure!!

3. Cardio Quickie

Here is a chance for your to be creative! A simple idea:

15 jumping jacks

Find a step or small stool. Step up with your right foot, then up with your left. Once both feet are on the step, step down with your right and then your left (the same foot leads every time!). Then switch it!!

Or just run up and down the steps once or twice.

Or have a 5 minute private dance party. get the idea!!

I'd love your thoughts!! Can 10 minutes count? It certainly can!!

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