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How to fuel your mornings ?

Your morning sets the tone for your entire day. How do you wake up every morning? Whether you are a morning person or not, we need the first hours to fuel us and keep us keeping on.

Welcome to your weekly read from Nourish Healthy Habits. A space where we will share and connect on all habits- big and small, good or not so good!!

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.”

When I was a kid, I always wondered why we woke up and said "Good Morning"! Well, it makes total sense now!! Its more than just a salutation /greeting. Think about it, when our mornings are not "good" our entire day seems to follow suit. Why are vacation days better than work days? coz our mornings start out on a different tone! Agree? It only makes sense to have a way, a method to fuel the start of our days so we have a better control for the rest of our day. For most of us, mornings are often times rushed. We are always rushing with our choice of beverage in hand and trying to get to something or somewhere. We might be physically awake, but our senses our still trying to get accustomed and get into the grind for the is already in an over worked mode, even before our day a result, come noon and we are drained out hungry, lethargic and ready for an other cup of "pick me up"! What is a common thread amongst all successful folks? A consistent morning routine. Something that helps them put their gears into motion. While we all know the importance of having a morning routine that fuels us and many try it too....we don't tend to get around making it sustainable. This thing called "life" takes over our sheer desire to make a change! So what are some ways we can get a start to our mornings that fuel us and how to stick with it?

1. Know yourself and what YOU want

Morning time can be the only time that you might be able to carve out for yourself. Knowing how you want those hours or minutes to look like is important in getting started and establishing a good morning routine. What is your vision of your ideal morning routine? What are some action steps you would like to include in your morning routine that will fuel you for the day?

2. Start out really small

Whatever you ideal morning vision might be - its important to start out small knowing that it might take a few trials and correction before you get to your ideal routine. Start out with a few minutes of any small morning activity that helps you set your tone for the day. A few minutes of stretching , drinking a glass of warm water, maybe writing down your day in a planner or simply sitting down to enjoy your tea/coffee. Remember the idea is progress and not perfection. Stay with it and slowly it will start to feel more natural.

3. Find what sparks your JOY

What are some things that really get's your mood going? Is it some light breathing, or the smell of the morning fresh air, or reading? Starting out your day with something that you enjoy, will help you stay motivated and focused throughout.

4. Spend some time in silence- if possible!

This is a tough one for sure but the sound of silence before no one else has yet woken up is both powerful and peaceful. Keep aside some time in the morning where you can be by yourself, even if its just for 5 -10 mins. It simply helps to gather your thoughts, reset, recharge and rejuvenate!

5. Enjoy a small healthy meal that breaks that fast

Are you a breakfast person or do you like to keep it light in the mornings? Do you tend to indulge in breakfast only over the weekend , coz that is the only time that you can enjoy breakfast? What ever is your calling, take time to sit down and mindfully enjoy your first meal of the day. It doesn't need to be anything big or fancy, but make sure you are allowing yourself a few minutes to acknowledge that first nourishing bite. Even while at rest your body is at work. It keeps things moving and there is a lot of energy spent overnight doing that. Not providing your body with the fuel it needs in the morning leads to energy dips during the day and leaves your body asking for more. Take some time to feed it something nourishing, something healthy.

6. Start your day with gratitude....

The way our lives are set in auto pilot mode, we tend to ignore the little things, we tend to overlook what is present in front of us. Waking up to a new day and having your loved ones wake up with you, is such a huge blessing every single day. Starting our day with an attitude of gratitude is power and fuel enough to get through your day, with or without challenges.

Do you have a morning routine? I Would love to hear all about it:)

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