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5 healthy quick sandwich recipes that will make your life oh so enjoyable!!

Bread is the most versatile and the most easy to use food item that one can have in our pantry.

Thank you for sticking through- its been a while I posted on my blog, so here it is, this time we are sharing some quick recipes for wholesome sandwiches.

“Breads get so much of conversation - its one of those foods which we enjoy , however at the same time fight it , thinking its too much carbs and not good for us”

So let's first talk a little about "Bread" what about it makes its so conversational! Often times when we think of bread- the first thoughts that come to mind is, its high in carbs and its not healthy. Lets talk a little about bread basics. Most breads need basic ingredients like - flour, yeast and water, along with some salt , sugar and fats. Depending on the variety, it has other added ingredients too- nuts and seeds, flavorings, cheeses etc. For sure , it doesn't have the vitamins and minerals that a bowl of salad or veggies might offer, however if we choose our breads wisely and moderate it with a well balanced wholesome diet - we can have our bread and eat it too:) Remember balance and moderation is key to enjoy any of our favorite foods. Breads made out of whole grains are more richer in fiber and tend to keep you full longer than white breads, which are made out of white flour. Sprouted breads add a load of benefits of vitamins and minerals. So when choosing your breads- look for the following few things in the food label-

  • Kind of grains used to make the bread- whole grains, sprouted, millet, barley add more nutrition than plain white enriched flour.

  • Look out for the whole grain label that will tell you how much fiber is present in a serving.

  • Look out for added sugars in the food labels. The lesser the better.

Being mindful of some of these basics will only help to ease and enjoy something that is so delicious and satiating.

Now that we have some foundations around bread sorted, here some of my tried and tested recipes that are both healthy and flavorful!

This is one of my favorite and kids love it too. Grill it lightly on a griddle and this almost turns into a dessert!

The everything bagel seasonings, kicks this whole grain avocado toast to a whole new level!

Cottage cheese makes an awesome protein packed filling for sandwiches and great substitute for a regular slice of cheese.

The sautéed mushrooms paired with fresh dill, made these little whole grain triangle treats that were super tasty and crunchy.

Have left over salad greens- use them to kick up the fiber content in your sandwich. And What more, it cuts back on prep time too. Click on each sandwich to see a more detailed recipe. However these are so versatile and inspiring that you can make them with any ingredients that you have handy at home. So next time give a chance to that healthy loaf of bread and make it work for you :) Have any favorite recipes? Comment and share below!

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Sep 29, 2021

Yummy sandwiches! cool ideas

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